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Cab Bike Hawk Classic

Ampliamo l’offerta di Velomobili con l’inserimento del Cab Bike Hawk, un Velomobile più economico dello Zephyrus Evolution ed adatto al Commuting quotidiano ed all’uso cittadino.

E’ personalizzabile a seconda delle esigenze ed è disponibile anche in versione con pedalata assistita.

Alleghiamo il pdf con le caratteristiche tecniche. Il prezzo parte da €4500 più Iva.


Cab Bike Hawk is a vehicle that combines qualities from a car and a bike which gives a rider advantages of both mixed in the one non-standard vehile. Cab Bike Hawk is a velomobile that is sturdy but light. Sleek body line gives it a modern apperance. It is a covered single person vehicle with a fully absorbed suspension that is intended to everyday commuting and recreation. What is more Cab Bike Hawk is an eco friendly way of practical personal transport that is efficient thanks to the aerodynamic shape. A body shell protects a rider and gives him an optimal weather protection.

Thanks to the capacious boot Cab Bike Hawk is a great idea for shopping or a trip. LED lighting and a body shell make the vehicle more visible and safer from any standard bike. Cab Bike Hawk is euipped with electronic accessories and an adjustable seat that make a ride comfortable. Legally Cab Bike Hawk is a bike thanks to which it can be driven places cars are not allowed to.

Cab Bike Hawk has been designed to give you freedom.